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Sponsors are businesses and other corporate entities which support ITR with money or goods that we need for our shows. (Individuals may support ITR as Patrons.) In return, ITR provides advertising opportunities and other benefits for our Sponsors, as shown below.

Our continued operation relies entirely on volunteer labour but other costs keep going up: facility rental, royalties, sets, props, costumes, printing, sound and lighting equipment. Donations from our sponsors may be directed to one of those areas, or can be general donations to ITR.

Being an ITR Sponsor provides the following benefits for your enterprise:

1.  Your logo will be posted on the home page and the Sponsors page of our website. The logo can be clickable to your own website. The placement and size of your logo will reflect your level of support.
2.  Your corporate name will be printed in our program. The font size and prominence will reflect your level of support.
3.  Your corporate name will be on a display board at our performance venue. The font size and prominence will reflect your level of support. Sapphire and Diamond sponsors will also have their logos on the display board.
4.  We will place your business cards on our audience tables and our producer will direct the audience’s attention to them at each performance.
5.  If you want to attend the show, you will receive complimentary tickets: two tickets for Ruby, three for Sapphire and four for Diamond.

Summary of corporate sponsorship levels and benefits:

Level Payment Website Program Display Board Cards Tickets
Ruby $50-$99 Small Small Name At venue 2
Sapphire $100 - $199 Medium Medium Name & Logo At venue 3
Diamond $200 + Large Large Name & Logo At venue 4

If you wish to become a Sponsor (also previously known as an advertiser) at any level or to renew your sponsorship, please send an e-mail to sponsors@itrtheatre.com with the following information:

Corporate Name:

Corporate URL:

Sponsorship level and amount:

Contact person’s name:

Contact person’s e-mail address:

Contact person’s phone number:


PREFERRED: Electronically as an e-mail attachment (.jpg) to sponsors@itrtheatre.com

ALTERNATIVE: Mail two clean, unstapled copies of your business card / logo or other artwork to ITR Theatre Company, P.O. Box 645, Osgoode, ON K0A 2W0.

Thank you for your support of ITR!

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