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Post-Its (Notes on a Marriage)

February 10th - 13th


Post-It's (Notes on a Marriage) follows a couple as they read all of the notes they left each other over the course of their marriage.


November 19th - 28th


Cindy and Hal Savage (former second-rate actors) have built an empire peddling questionable advice about love, sex, romance, and success. With nowhere to go but down, the ambitious couple will go to any lengths to protect their fame, fortune, and reputation. But now there's a stiff in the study, a reporter looking for dirt in the hall and a maid with Irish attitude cooking up pots of creamed corn in the kitchen. What's a pair of flawed self-help gurus to do?

Work From Home Blues

June 10th - 12th


Working from home - this has become a fact of life for many of us with both ups and downs. For our next virtual offering, ITR is presenting two plays which provide a hilarious peek at the challenges of doing your usual job under unusual circumstances. In “Dr. Melissa’s Online Neurosurgery Class” by Clinton Festa, our brave professor endeavours to teach her students brain surgery from the comforts of her kitchen island. In “The Rooftop Guy” by local playwright John Cook, two office workers find they are not only losing their connection with their colleagues but also, perhaps, their grip on reality - with some unexpected results.

A Virtual Whodunnit

April 8th - 11th


Preston Sterling is hosting a Zoom meeting with his children, third wife and closest staff to celebrate his birthday. The bitter old billionaire is bullying everyone once again and threatening to change his will when—ZZZZZT! Sterling is electrocuted through his phone. Enter Sloan, Rockford Sloan, homicide detective. Through a series of Zoom conferences, Sloan questions the usual suspects, all of whom had a motive.

The Christmas Tree

December 10th - 13th


A tree lot. Christmas Eve. One man. One woman. One tree. Who should get it? Each gives reasons through tales of woe as to why they are more deserving of the tree and each seems unmoved by the other's predicament.

A Bench in the Shade

Feb. 8th & 15th


Annie and Paul were engaged many years ago and now reside at the same Retirement Community, Seaside Heights Manor. Annie is intrigued by the arrival of Italian actor Roberto. The senior romance is impeded by news of the retirement home being sold

The Importance of Being Earnest

Nov 15-24th


The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, is a witty social commentary that is just as appropriate and entertaining today as when it was written in 1894. The play tells the story of two bachelors, John 'Jack' Worthing and Algernon 'Algy' Moncrieff, who create fictional excuses to escape their conventional lives. They attempt to win the hearts of two women who, inconveniently, claim to only love men called Ernest. The fellows struggle to keep up with their own stories and become tangled in a tale of deception, disguise and misadventure.

Tempting Providence

Apr 26th-May 5th


Tempting Providence is a simple and often humorous tale that recounts the true story of nurse Myra Bennett who left her home in England in 1921 for Newfoundland to serve a community in great need on the remote Great Northern Peninsula. It follows the trials and joys of this courageous woman who became known as the Florence Nightingale of the North and a true Newfoundland legend.

5 Minutes to Love

Feb 9th-16th


With online dating apps aplenty, group meet-ups, matchmaking coming back into style and speed dating, what's a person to do to truly meet "the one"? That is the question asked by our lovelorn pair, Amanda and Jason, who have been looking for love in all the wrong places. Will they finally succeed? Only time will tell.

Waiting for the Parade

Nov 9th-18th


Waiting for the Parade is a series of vignettes about five Calgary women on the home front in the Second World War, a time fraught with loneliness, propaganda and rationing. It's a celebration of the unsung heroes of war, the women that sustain the nation while men are enthralled in conflicts.

A Murder is Announced

Apr 20th-29th


An announcement in the local paper states the time and place when a murder is to occur in Miss Blacklock's Victorian house. The victim is not one of the house's several occupants, but an unexpected and unknown visitor. What follows is a classic Christie puzzle of mixed motives, concealed identities, a second death, a determined Inspector grimly following the twists and turns and Miss Marple on hand to provide the final solution at some risk to herself in a dramatic confrontation just before the final curtain.

Wrong For Each Other

Feb 10-17th


How can things which begin so right end up so wrong? Four years after their divorce, Norah and Rudy meet by chance in a big-city restaurant. Overcoming the awkwardness of the situtation, they decide to have lunch together.

Shorthanded A Ladies Game

Oct 20th-29th


It's the dressing room of an old-timer women's hockey team, during the final game of the championship series. The team finds itself shorthanded for the game, leading to some tension, some teasing, some tenderness - and much beer!

Lafferty's Wake

Apr 28th-May7th


The widow Kathleen Lafferty invites one and all to the grand wake of her late husband, Charlie Lafferty, at his home away from home, Rory's Pub. You will join not only Charlie's widow but also his sweet daughter, bumbling son-in-law, the parish priest, and the savvy innkeeper in celebrating the life and times of ramblin', gamblin' Lafferty through stories and song.

The action takes place in Rory's Pub in Ballyslattery Ireland.

2 Across

Feb 11th-19th


Janet and Josh meet up on a commuter train in the wee hours of the morning. She's an organized, sensible, psychologist. He's a free spirited, unemployed ad exec. She is a crossword pro, he always quits. However, as the ride progresses there will be unpredictable but believable surprises and even a passionate kissing embrace or two.

My Narrator

Nov 18th-27th


Imagine what would happen if that little voice inside your head - the one that tells you how to behave and what choices to make - suddenly took on a life of its own? For Lacy and Miles, the ensuing complications have hilarious results!

The Death of Me

Nov 18th-27th


When John bargains with the Angel of Death for a second chance at life, he quickly discovers that fixing the mistakes of his past is difficult, especially when there are all sorts of new mistakes to be made!

Monday's Child



The story of the unique bond between a grandmother and a little girl who love to dress up and play together.

The Foreigner

May 6th-15th


Two Englishmen, Froggy and Charlie, arrive at the lodge. Charlie is depressed and doesn't want to engage with people so Froggy tells them that Charlie is a "foreigner" who does not understand English. This leads other people at the lodge to speak freely in front of Charlie, and he soon discovers their secrets and scandals.

Love Letters

Feb 13th-14th


Andrew Makepeace Ladd III and Melissa Gardner, both born to wealth and position, are childhood friends whose lifelong correspondence begins with birthday party thank-you notes and summer camp postcards and last throughout their lives.