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Arsenic And Old Lace

Nov 8th-16th


The play is set in the Brewster family house in Brooklyn, which is currently occupied by the two elderly Brewster sisters, Abby and Martha. These two ladies are locally renowned for the charitable works. The house is situated next door to a cemetry, beyond which is the vicarage occupied by the Reverend Dr. Harper, and his daughter Elaine. Also living in the Brewster house is Teddy, a nephew of the Brewster sisters. Teddy has two brothers. The one is Mortimer who is a New York theatre critic and who is amorously attached to Elaine. The other is Jonathan, who has left New York at an early age under dubious circumstances and since travelled the world, lately in the companionship of Dr. Herman Einstein, a medical practitioner of German origin.


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Abby Brewster - Isobel Eastman
Rev. Dr. Harper - Al Page
Teddy Brewster - Steve Campbell
Officer Brophy - Joe Kelly
Officer Klein - Krista Batstone
Martha Brewster - Eve Spraggs
Elaine Harper - Katherine Ferguson-Little
Mortimer Brewster - David Mardiros
Mrs. Gibbs - Laurie Batstone
Jonathan Brewster - Glen Driedger
Dr. Einstein - John Lydon
Officer O'Hara - David Spicer
Lieutenant Rooney - Al Page
Mr. Witherspoon - Rob Potter

Producer - Sadie Maguire
Assistant Producer - Meredith Brophy
Director - Len Boone
Assistant Director - George Anderson
Set Design - Dorothy Shaw
Set Construction - Rick Sidock
Set Decoration & Properties - Celine Sidock
Prompter - George Anderson
Properties - Sherry Potter , Krista Batstone , Laurie Batstone
Costumes - Jean Clingin , Judy Taylor
Seamstress - Jean Clingin
Sound & Lights - Rob Potter , Janet Savage
Program - John Lydon
videography - Gerry O'Brien
Publicity - Meredith Brophy
Tickets - Connie McDiarmid
Patrons - Janet Savage
Front of House - Joan Switzer , Colleen Ovens
Foyer Display - Linda Feenstra , Pat Fox


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