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Boeing - Boeing

Nov 7th-16th


Bernard has three fiancees. How does he do it? Each is an airline stewardess for a different airline. It's all a question of timetables and a reliable, down-to-earth maid who never forgets to change the photographs in the bedroom, and menu to suit the current hostess.

See what happens when the faster "Super-Boeing" is brought on line and timetables are messed up because of weather. Suddenly Bernard has a triple problem. Join in the fun as he and his old school friend Robert do their best to keep the situation under control.


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Bernard - Garnet Quail
Janet - Laura Gonis
Bertha - Eve Spraggs
Robert - Ron Watkin
Jacqueline - Yvette Roberge-Venditti
Judith - Meredith Gilbert-Brophy

Producer - Helen Jasper
Director - Bob Papp
Assistant Director - Susan Papp
Set Design & Construction - Mark Martin , George Gonis , Bruce Penniston , John Lydon , Ross Batstone
Set Painting - Patti O'Brien
Sound & Lights - Bruce Penniston
Properties - Joan Switzer
Programme - Edie Batstone , Sue Knippel
Photography - Bruce Penniston
Advertising - Pat Maguire , Ross Batstone
Publicity - Helen Jasper , John Jasper
Tickets - Kelly Switzer


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