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Caught in the Villain's Web

May 2nd-11th


Regina Larkfield is a woman used to being obeyed. She decides that her son should marry and puts her plans in motion. Unfortunately, the appearnace of the lovely Felicity Fiar and dastardly villain, Cyril Bothingwell, thwart her attempts.


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Mrs. Regina Larkfield - Bob Papp
Dr. Hugo Belch - Garnet Quail
Brockton - John Lydon
Nella Hargrave - Helen Jasper
Malvern Larkfield - Howard Jones
Lona Larkfield - Karen Nessman
Felicity Fair - Meredith Brophy
Cyril Bothingwell - Paul Warmington
Denise - Yvette Roberge-Venditti
Mrs. Geraldine Hargrave - Sue Knippel

Producer - Helen Jasper
Director - Linda Feenstra
Costumes - Reen Pacholik , Pam Branson
Set Design - Janet Donaldson
Artwork - Edie Batstone
Set Construction - Mark Martin , Ross Batstone
Sound & Lights - Bruce Penniston , Natasha Colbert
Pianist - Laura Gonis
Properties - Janet Donaldson , Marg Penniston
Photography - Bruce Penniston
Programme Cover Art - Ross Batstone , Edie Batstone , Eve Spraggs
Tickets - Kelly Switzer


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