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Funny Money

May 1st-9th


What would you do if someone picked up your briefcase and left an identical one containing $750,000? Would you keep the money or turn it into the police? This uproariously funny play has the main character asking the same thing. Only he decides to keep the money and run away to Spain with his wife. The only problem is, they are expecting dinner guests and are having problems coming up with ideas to uninvite them. Things really take a turn for the worse when Scotland Yard shows up to report a dead man carrying a briefcase.


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Henry Perkins - Tracy Howe
Jean Perkins - Lynn Jolicoeur
Vic Johnson - Ian Bell
Betty Johnson - Janice Marks
Detective Slater - Gaenor Howe
Davenport - Greg Thurlow
Bill the cab driver - John Orton
The Passerby - Dave Walkden

Director - Glenna Walkden
Producer - Tammy Hedge
Set Design - Gord Hawkes , Glenna Walkden
Set Construction - Gord Hawkes , Chris Thomas
Set Decoration - Elaine Trembley , Glenna Walkden
Sound & Lights - Bill Paul
Props & Costumes - Glenna Walkden
Prompter - Elizabeth Thurlow
Programme - Paula Maloney
Front of House - Janice Jenness
Publicity - Tammy Hedge
Advertising - Rich Fisher
Box Office - Rob Jenness
Patrons - Judy Carey
Photography - Gord Hawkes


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