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One Toe in the Grave

Nov 13th-21st


A neurotic nightmare and a liar's labyrinth. Jason Kingsley's problems are all his "wives" fault. After all, they have the symptoms of a dreaded disease and Jason can't get rid of the disease or his Boss, who is coming to cure it tonight!!

A hilarious tangle of love and lies, hot air, and burnt dinner.


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Naomi Schuyler Helen Jasper
Monica Channing Jennifer Perkin
Douglas Procter Bob Papp
Jason Kingsley Dave Pettigrew
Thorton Murdock Ian Buzza
Poopsie Magruder Kim Broeders
The niece Heather Kelly

Producer Bev Ryder
Director Patsy Royer
Assistant Director Sadie Maguire
Artistic Set Design Margaret Penniston
Costumes Reen Pacholik , Therese Ingram
Makeup Patti O'Brien
Carpentry Bev Ryder , Pat Maguire
Properites & Stage Crew Sadie Maguire , Ev Ryder
Photography Margaret Penniston
Programme & Publicity Ross Batstone , Ev Ryder , Tracey Blanchfield , Pam Branson , Pat Maguire , Allison Sennat
Front of House Ev Ryder , Ivan Kelly , Betty Kelly , John Jasper


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