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The Foreigner

May 6th-15th


Two Englishmen, Froggy and Charlie, arrive at the lodge. Charlie is depressed and doesn't want to engage with people so Froggy tells them that Charlie is a "foreigner" who does not understand English. This leads other people at the lodge to speak freely in front of Charlie, and he soon discovers their secrets and scandals.


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S/Sgt Froggy LeSueur - Harold Swaffield
Charlie Baker - Chad Wolfe
Betty Meeks - Debra Bullis
Rev. David Marshall Lee - Rob Milinkovich
Catherine Simms - Joanna Jackson Kelly
Ellard Simms - Patrick Rousse
Owen Musser - Sean O'Malley

Director - Lee Powell
Producer - Judy Beltzner
Sound - John Barnard
Lighting - Bryan Hamilton
Props - Louise Lagace
Line support at rehearsals - John Lydon , Donna Allen
Stagehand - Connor Ibach
Set Design & Construction - Len Trembley
Wardrobe - Helen Visbach
Makeup - Sophie Hall
Front of House Manager - Andrea Jermacans
Bar Manager - Sharon Barnard , Judy Carey
Box Office - Wayne Hall
Webmaster - Wayne Hall
PR/Media - Sheila Dubyk
Advertising - Klaus Beltzner
Programme & Graphic Design - Paula Maloney
Photography - Michelle Stewart


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