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The Tomorrow Box

Nov 10th-13th


What happens to an old-fashioned Ontario dairy-farming family when they all have different plans for their old age? How do you change the patterns and habits of forty years?


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Alice Cooper - Janet Donaldson
Joe Cooper - Peter Kelly
Maureen Cooper - Eve Spraggs
Lisa Graham - Linda Feenstra
Jack Cooper - Lawrence Miron

Producer - Ross Batstone
Director - Patsy Royer
Assistant Director - Helen Jasper
Set Designer - Ev Ryder
Makeup - Reen Pacholik , Tracey Blanchfield , Patsy Royer
Lighting - Bev Ryder , Larry Feenstra
Sound - Bruce Penniston
Carpentry - Bev Ryder
Properties - Sadie Maguire , Ev Ryder
Photography - Bruce Penniston , Tracey Blanchfield
Programme & Publicity - Pat Maguire , Tracey Blanchfield , Pamela Branson
Tickets - Audrey Miron , Edie Batstone
Front of House - Ev Ryder , Marg Penniston , Tracey Blanchfield , Reen Pacholik , Pamela Branson , Pat Maguire , Ivan Kelly , Betty Kelly


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