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Welcoming a new Board of Directors to ITR Theatre

October 1, 2021

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This month we say goodbye the Helen Visbach as ITR's President. Helen will still be working with us in Production, and is the Executive Producer for our upcoming performance of Self-Help by Norm Foster. Thank you Helen for all the great work you do for ITR Theatre!

In Helen's place we are excited to have Jorie Basque joining us as the new President of ITR Theatre. Jorie was previously the Director of Communications and Outreach and has worked in various roles for ITR performances. Thank you Jorie, we are looking forward to this new chapter with you!

Here is the complete list of our 2021-2022 Board of Directors. Welcome everyone, thank you for being a part of ITR Theatre.

Jorie Basque

Past President:
Helen Visbach

Vice President:
Janice Marks

Greg Geisler

Catherine Potts-Halpin

Director of Communications and Outreach:
Shauna Akkermans

Directors At Large:
Dennis Sakalauskas
Paola Della Malva
Louise Lagace
Kevin Kennedy
Suzy Potts

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