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About ITR

Our History


What's in a name? 

One of the things that we are asked most often is

“What does ITR mean?” So here is the the story.

The history of ITR started way back in 1973 when a bunch of friends got together to perform Jesus Christ SuperStar at St. Brigid's Church on River Road. They subsequently performed a number of times at St. Leonard's School located in the Village of Manotick.

When it appeared that the group was going to continue to perform, it was decided they needed a name. What many people don't know is that Manotick is the Ojibwa word for "island in the river".


In order to honour their roots, our founders incorporated that into the official new name of the theatre company -

Isle in the River Theatrical Review

(yes we have shorted it a bit because it is a mouthful). 

Sadly, we are no longer able to perform in Manotick, but through our name, we carry the Manotick heritage of our theatre company with us wherever we go.

Find out more about ITR in the following documents:

Board/Presdidents Award


Board of Directors



Jorie Basque


Vice President

Connor Ibach


Greg Geisler



Helen Visbach

Director of Communications and Outreach

Shauna Akkermans



Directors At Large

Catherine Potts-Halpin
Suzy Potts

Daniel Bourget

Kim Blanche

Vivian Beck

Presidents Award Recipients


2023 - Helen Visbach, Sheila Dubyk & Krista Lang

2022 - Helen Visbach

2021 - John Garroch

2020 - Sheila Dubyk

2019 - Catherine Potts-Halpin

2018 - Sharon Barnard & John Barnard 

2017 - Judy Beltzner & Klaus Beltzner

2016 - André Dimitrijevic

2015 - John Lydon & Sheila Dubyk
2014 - Wayne Hall

2013 - Davis & Andrea Jermacans

2012 - Paula Maloney

2011 - Louise Anderson

2010 - Gaenor Howe

2009 - Lynn Jolicoeur

2008 - Judy Carey

2007 - Rich & Linda Fisher

2006 - Len & Elaine Trembley

2005 - Rob & Janice Jenness

2004 - Sara Anderson

2003 - Len Quinn

2002 - Gord & Debby Hawkes

2001 - Regina Spearns

2000 - Mary Leang

1999 - Krista Batstone

1998 - Anne Quinn

1997 - Eve Spraggs

1996 - Rick & Celine Sidock

1995 - Pat Fox

1994 - Meredith Brophy

1993 - Linda Feenstra

1992 - Garnet Quail

1991 - Edie Batstone

1990 - Ross Batstone

1989 - Bev Ryder

in memoriam 

Take a moment to see who we have said goodbye to over the years. 

Please reach out to us at if you have questions or updates for the In Memoriam collection.

In Memoriam
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