ITR will be performing the combined double feature of The Rooftop Guy by local playwright John Cook and Dr. Melissa’s Online Neurosurgery Class by Clinton Festa on Zoom for four performances from June 10 to June 13. John Cook will also be directing. We are seeking actors for the following roles:


The Rooftop Guy – this play runs about 30 minutes in length

It’s Monday morning. Dave Bourning, a despondent employee at the Department of Instruments and Measurements (DIM) is believed to have committed suicide by jumping off a rooftop. Within an hour, his obviously distraught and saddened colleagues proceed to raid his office and pick it clean, including his collection of over one hundred fish figurines. The fallout from this brings out the best and worst of his fellow workers.


Gail Wynde: Late twenties, early thirties. She is a new federal government employee, hardworking, organized, task-orientated, with an analytical mind. Gail takes her role as a public servant very seriously and is willing to go beyond what is normally expected of her. She is helpful and kind, but a bit naïve.

Jason Turnsby: Late twenties, early thirties. He has been with the federal government for a few years, is pompous and arrogant, and thinks he knows better than others. Jason does whatever he can to ‘beat the system’ and does as little work as possible. He gives special attention to his appearance and is always well dressed.


Dave Bourning: Early sixties. He has been with the federal government for forty years and is close to retirement. Dave started working right out of technical school. At one time he was ‘on top of his game,’ but has lost all his motivation. He is somewhat eccentric and prefers his solitude.




Dr. Melissa’s Online Neurosurgery Class – this is a 10-minute sketch

The university has told their staff that every effort must be made for their students to graduate on time this year. Dr. Melissa makes do with what she has available in her home, attempting to teach neurosurgery on a remote learning platform. As is often the case when working from home, things don’t go quite as planned.

It should be noted that this play is designed to be performed by a couple as the action takes place in one location.


Dr. Melissa: Any age – a normally competent doctor and professor of neurosurgery who gallantly tries to continue to educate her students in rather trying conditions.

The Husband: Any age – he does not appreciate the effort the good doctor is going through nor the simple courtesies one should provide to one’s spouse while they are trying to work online. (this part has only a few lines.)


All actors will be required to provide their own costumes and makeup as well as do the set up for the performances in their own homes. ITR will provide any special equipment such as green screens and there is a small budget if costume or prop items need to be purchased.


Since these are virtual performances on Zoom and all rehearsals will be on Zoom, you can audition no matter where you live as long as you have a good internet connection. Please note that actors will be responsible for their own wardrobe and makeup and will need to have a place to perform that can be quiet for the duration of the show and is well lit (we will provide guidance around lighting etc.)

The deadline to submit the audition form is April 14th. The director will contact you to arrange for a suitable date and time to audition via Zoom.  Please fill in and submit the audition form  if you are interested.


“The Rooftop Guy”


“Dr. Melissa’s Online Neurosurgery Class"

 June 2021

Please complete the form below to apply.

You will be contacted by the producer to arrange an audition time via Zoom.