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Don't Tell Mother

May 4th-13th


On the evening that timid librarian Cinnamon Schmidt and her mother Sarah are to entertain Cinnamon's fiance Hobart Berelzheimer and his mother Magda at a serene family dinner, Cinnamon arrives home in shock, the lone witness to a bank robbery.
As the only person who can identify the crook, Cinnamon confides her terror to best friend Deedee Malone, not daring to tell her mother. She begins to panic when federal agent Joe Shimko shows up, followed by the robber, Orville Maddox, and his girlfriend Rikki Tickey. By the time Hobart enters, flowers in hand, he is just in time to be arrested.
Chaos ensues as one character is mistaken for another in an increasingly hilarious web of assumptions and cover ups that create an evening to remember for ITR audiences.


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Sarah Schmidt - Paula Maloney
Cinnamon Schmidt - Carey Smith
DeeDee Malone - Sophie Hall
Joe Shimko - Greg Thurlow
Magda Berelzheimer - Larissa Christensen
Rikki Tickey - Tammy Hedge
Orville Maddox - Bill Steele
HobartBerelzheimer - Ian Bell
Radio Announcer - Dave Walkden , Bill Paul , Jim Perkins

Producer - Judy Beltzner , Klaus Beltzner
Director - Glenna Walkden
Stage Manager - Dave Walkden
Stagehand - Matthew Bell
Sound & Lights - Bill Paul , Cameron Hedge
Set Design - Len Trembley
Set Construction - Dave Walkden , Bob Fourney , Davis Jermacans , Bill Paul , Bill Steele , Greg Thurlow , Len Trembley
Set Decoration - Christine Hunter
Set Painting - Elaine Trembley
Props - Elaine Trembley
Front of House - Judy Beltzner , Elizabeth McNee
Box Office - Judy Carey
Publicity - Andrea Jermacans
Advertising - Klaus Beltzner
Programme - Paula Maloney
Photography - Gord Hawkes
Webmaster - Davis Jermacans


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