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Ken Ludwig's Baskerville

November 25 - December 4


This show is a madcap re-telling of Doyle’s classic tale The Hound of the Baskervilles. Sherlock Holmes is on the case. The male heirs of the Baskerville line are being dispatched one by one. To find their ingenious killer, Holmes and Watson must brave the desolate moors before a family curse dooms its newest heir. Watch as our intrepid investigators try to escape a dizzying web of clues, silly accents, disguises, and deceit as five actors deftly portray more than forty characters. Does a wild hellhound prowl the moors of Devonshire? Can our heroes discover the truth in time? Join the fun and see how far from elementary the truth can be.


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Sherlock Holmes - Tony Adams
John Watson - Len Tremblay
Actor 1 - Greg Geisler
Actor 2 - Connor Ibach
Actress 1 - Halli Florence

Director - Shauna Akkermans
Stage Manager - Robin Churchill
Assistant Stage Manager - Jasmine Churchill
Executive Producer - Jorie Basque
Assistant Producer - Jeanne Currie
Sound and Lights - John Barnard
Sound and Lights - Bryan Hamilton
Sound and Lights - Shawn Langille
Sound and Lights - Dominic Churchill
Props - Louise Lagacé
Props - Jasmine Churchill
Set Design and Construction - Catherine Potts-Halpin
Set Design and Construction - Jason Churchill
Set Design and Construction - Dave and Freddy Lang
Set Decoration - Catherine Potts-Halpin
Wardrobe - Barbara Stiles
Wardrobe - Jeanne Currie
Wardrobe - Miranda Langille
Make-up - Suzy Potts
Front of House - Paola DellaMalva
Bar Manager - Suzy Potts
Box Office - Wayne Hall
Webmaster - Suzy Potts
PR / media - Shauna Akkermans
Sponsorships - Louise Legace
Sponsorships - Jorie Basque
Photographer - Michelle Stewart
Videographer - Paul Richmond


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