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Lafferty's Wake

Apr 28th-May7th


The widow Kathleen Lafferty invites one and all to the grand wake of her late husband, Charlie Lafferty, at his home away from home, Rory's Pub. You will join not only Charlie's widow but also his sweet daughter, bumbling son-in-law, the parish priest, and the savvy innkeeper in celebrating the life and times of ramblin', gamblin' Lafferty through stories and song.

The action takes place in Rory's Pub in Ballyslattery Ireland.


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Rory Finn - Dirk Visbach
Father Terence Pettigrew - Rick Sidock
Kathleen Lafferty - Laura Lynn Drover
Maggie Clancy - Jen Bond
Patrick Clancy - Chad Wolfe
Molly Greaney - Lisa Moore
Lafferty of Old - John Garroch
Toaster - Geraint Lewis
Messenger - Monica Cleland
Harp - Suzanne Glaser
Guitar - Derek Meilleux
Singer - Barbara Stiles

Producer - Helen Visbach , Sheila Dubyk
Creative Director - Monica Cleland
Musical Director - Louise Atchison
Assistant Director - Caroline Marshall
Stage Manager - Sharon Sangster
Sound - John Barnard
Lighting - Bryan Hamilton
Props - Louise Lagace , Elaine Trembley
Set Design & Construction - Len Trembley
Set Construction - Klaus Beltzner , John Garroch , Wayne Hall , Geraint Lewis , Rick Sidock , Dirk Visbach , Chad Wolfe
Set Decoration - Catherine Potts-Halpin
Set Painting - Shira Brass , John Douwes , Heidi Martin , Laurel Martin , Anne Peterson , Sharon Sangster
Wardrobe - Barbara Stiles
Dialect Coach - Bobby Strawbridge , Andrea Strawbridge
Makeup - Sophie Hall
Front of House Manager - Donna Allan
Box Office - Wayne Hall
PR/Media - Sheila Dubyk
Sponsors - Judy Beltzner , Klaus Beltzner
Graphic Design - Michelle Stewart
Photography - Michelle Stewart , John Garroch
Bar Manager - Sharon Barnard , Judy Carey
Bar Server - Cathy Alber
Front of House Volunteers - Bill Bartlett , Jody Beltzner , Klaus Beltzner , Lawrence Brass , Kim Faith , Richard Fisher , Sophie Hall , Louise Lepage , Yvette Loeffen , Sheila McDonald , Myra McFarlane , Marion Silver , Linda Thomas-Fisher , Shelley Welchner , Stephen Welchner , Arlene Watson , Cheryl Zimmer


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