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Mystery, Mayhem, and Murder!

Feb 20th-28th


When Juliet Brighton decides to have their townhouse done over, they open their summer home to escape the mess. Her husband, Biniface, rebels but, as usual, gives in to Juliet. Their daughter, Wendy, goes on ahead to open up the house.

When the Brighton's get off the train, Wendy is not there to meet them. A stranger, Verne Early, brings her home unconscious. When Wendy comes to, she is very evasive about what happened. As the Brightons settle in, they are greeted by mysterious and baffling events: strange laughter from the upstairs -- a woman's body is found -- the body disappears!


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Juliet Brighton - Patsy Royer
Boniface Brighton - Peter Kelly
Roxy Roth - Krista Kelly
Etta Pye - Kim Broeders
Diana Brisbane - Maggie Kelly
Wendy Brighton - Tracey Blanchfield
Verne Early - Joe Kelly
GGraham Dawson - David Lutes
Serena Vigilante - Evelyn Ryder
Jobyna Rowland - Reen Pacholik
Don Overton - Bob Lutes

Producer - Bev Ryder
Director - Bob Lutes
Co-Director - Margaret Penniston
Set Designer - Ross Batstone
Master of Ceremonies - Pat Maguire
Costumes - Reen Pacholik
Makeup - Patti O'Brien
Lighting - Bev Ryder
Sound - Bruce Penniston
Carpentry - Ross Batstone , Lawrence Miron
Properties - Ev Ryder , Sadie Maguire
stage crew - Ross Batstone , Bev Ryder , Warren Ryder
Photography - Bruce Penniston
Advertising - Ross Batstone , Edie Batstone , Ev Ryder , Pat Maguire , Tracey Blanchfield
Tickets - Audrey Miron
Front of House - Ivan Kelly , Betty Kelly , Warren Ryder , Ross Batstone , Edie Batstone
Programme - Ross Batstone , Edie Batstone , Patti O'Brien


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