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Who's Under Where

Nov 2nd-10th


Jane and Sybil are on the verge of the deal of their lives. They have rented a hotel suite for a very private showing of their "Passion Fashion Wear" lingerie. Only famous Italian designer Bruno Frufruelli is to attend. The models are booked, the champagne is on ice and the sexy samples are on display. What could possibly go wrong?


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Jane Pritchard - Katrina Bussey
Sybil Brunt - Anne Peterson
Paul Pritchard - Whitney Quail
George Brunt - Glen Driedger
Frufruelli - Tony Adams
Roger Hodge - John Lydon
Sebastian - Shawn Berrigan

Producer - Janice Jenness
Director - Gord Hawkes
Assistant Director - Sophie Hall
Set Design - Gord Hawkes
Set Construction - Gord Hawkes , Rob Jenness , Shawn Berrigan , John Lydon , Wayne Hall , Sophie Hall , Katrina Bussey
Sound & Lights - Len Trembley
Makeup - Meaghan Duncan , Sophie Hall , Janice Jenness
Props - Elaine Trembley
Costumes - Elaine Trembley , Janice Jenness , Anne Peterson , Sophie Hall , Katrina Bussey
Programme - Paula Maloney
Front of House - Debby Hawkes , Janice Jenness
Advertising - Rich Fisher
Box Office - Rob Jenness
Photography - John Lydon


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