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What's New in 2022?

January 22, 2022

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What's new in 2022? Live theatre, workshops, and more!

We kicked off the New Year with a Stage Managers Workshop hosted by Chuck Therrien, who you may have recognized from our virtual performance of The Rooftop Guy last November. Thank you for those of you who attended. Did you miss it? Feel free to reach out to us if you are interested in more workshops like this one.

There is a new bursary available for emerging students with interests in the arts. If you have a passion for the arts as we do, you may be the recipient of a $1,000 bursary toward your education. You can learn more and apply for it on our bursaries page at

This February, we look forward to another Live-Theatre-From-Home experience with a virtual production of Post-Its directed by Shauna Akkermans. You may have seen Shauna playing Janet in The Rooftop Guy last November. Shauna is also our new Director of Communications. Thank you Shauna for all the roles you've taken on with ITR!
Showtimes for Post-Its:
Feb 10th, 11th, 12th at 7:30pm
February 13th at 2:00pm 

This Spring, you can look forward to an in-person production of Suburban Standoff written by Micheal Grant and directed by Liz Szucs. Showtimes are as follows:
May 6th, 7th, 13th, 14th at 7:30pm
May 8th, 14th, 15th at 2:00pm
May 7th at 3:00pm
Tickets go on sale April 4th.

ITR is now officially on Instagram, check out the link below. We look forward to sharing our updates and behind-the-scenes fun on this new channel. Don't have us on your social networks yet? Here are all of our social media handles:

Thank all for continuing to support ITR in 2022, it is going to be a great year.

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