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Cash On Delivery

Nov 4th-12th


Enter the wacky world of Eric Swan, an average suburban man who uses different identities to lay claims to bags full of government benefits. In a change of heart, Eric decides to stop accepting the benefits. The only problem is a very determined government inspector who turns up at his door, forcing Eric to fall even further into the web of deception in order to avoid jail. Naturally, things begin to unravel and explode.


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Linda Swan - Lucyanne Greenman
Eric Swan - Gord Hawkes
Norman McDonald - Whitney Quail
Mr. Jenkins - Ted Stiles
Uncle George - Len Trembley
Sally Chessington - Amy Quinn
Dr. Chapman - Erik Talgoy
Mr. Forbright - Bill Steele
Ms. Cowper - Paula Maloney
Brenda Dixon - Nikki Corcoran

Producer - David Lang , Anik Dalby
Director - Max Burrows
Set Construction - Rick Sidock , Len Quinn
Set Decoration - Michele Kipp
Stage Manager - Susan Burrows
Sound & Lights - Janice Jenness , Rick Larocque
Makeup - Eve Spraggs , Michelle Stewart
Box Office - Debby Hawkes
Art - Krista Lang
Photography - Paula Maloney , Gord Hawkes


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