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Caught in the Net

May 7th-15th


Wild mishaps and comic confusions abound right up to the unexpected and hilarious climax in this sharp and crazy typical British farce from the master of the genre! John Smith has been secretly married to two women for 18 years and has somehow kept his two families from colliding. Problems arise, though, when his son and daughter - one from each marriage - meet on the Internet and want to get together, starting a web of lies and deceit in which everyone becomes gloriously entangled. Of course, since it's Ray Cooney, everything that can go wrong goes berserk and the audience never stops laughing.


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John Smith - John Kerslake
Stanley Gardner - Whitney Quail
Mary Smith - Janice Jenness
Barbara Smith - Paula Maloney
Barbara Smith (EODL) - Emily Worden Kwok
Vicki Smith - Laurie Batstone
Gavin Smith - Seamus O'Brien
Dad - John Lydon

Producer - Gord Hawkes
Director - Gord Hawkes , Regina Spearns
Set Decoration - Michele Kipp
Set Design - Gord Hawkes
Set Construction - Rob Jenness
Programme - Paula Maloney
Box Office - Debby Hawkes


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