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Ghost of a Chance

May 6th-14th


The ghost of a dead husband who tries to woo his wife back, a young widow whose sanity is unraveling, her reliable but boring fiance, a kooky psychic who's always on the run, a bossy mother-in-law to be, and a shady accountant who knows more than he's willing to share. Throw them all together in an abandoned and haunted hunting lodge and the stage is set for one hilarious misunderstanding after another that leaves the characters second guessing their own and each other's true feelings.


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Floyd - Len Trembley
Crystal Devereaux - Elizabeth McGregor
Adam Lucas - Andre Dimitrijevic
Verna - Judy Beltzner
Chance - Davis Jermacans
Bethany - Andrea Jermacans

Producer - Lynn Jolicoeur , Davis Jermacans
Director - Bill Steele
Stage Manager - Suzanne Steele
Assistant Stage Manager - Erin Faith
Lighting Design - Len Trembley , Bill Steele
Sound Design - Bill Steele
Lighting - Bill Steele , John Barnard
Set Construction & Painting - Bill Steele , Len Trembley , Elaine Trembley , Elizabeth McGregor , Linda Thomas-Fisher
Props - Elaine Trembley
Photography - Gord Hawkes
Publicity - Andrea Jermacans
Advertising - Lynn Jolicoeur , Andrea Jermacans , Davis Jermacans
Programme - Paula Maloney
Box Office - Judy Carey , Kim Faith


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