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Here on the Flight Path

Apr 24th-May 4th


Set on adjoining balconies in an apartment building near a major airport, the play follows John Cummings, a recently divorced journalist, as he interacts with three women - Fay, Angel, and Gwen - who become his neighbours over a three and a half year period. Over the length of the play, John gets to know all three women by trading quips across the shared balcony, and while he doesn't always get lucky, he learns a lot about himself in the process.


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John Cummings - Bill Steele
Fay - Carey Smith
Angel - Jennifer Roquebrune
Gwen - Regina Spearns
Woman - Elizabeth Chant
Cleaning Lady - Judy Beltzner
Movers - Kate Grimes , Lorraine Hopkins , Sophie Hall

Producer - Judy Beltzner , Sophie Hall
Director - Andre Dimitrijevic
Assistant Director - Art King
Production Assistant - Lorraine Hopkins
Props & Stage Dressing - Kate Grimes
Set Design - Len Trembley
Set Decoration - Christine Stower
Sound & Lights - John Barnard
Makeup - Lise Page
Box Office - Wayne Hall
Programme Cover Art - Paula Maloney
Photography - Michelle Stewart
Advertising - Klaus Beltzner
Front of House - Linda Thomas-Fisher
PR/Media - Judy Beltzner
Webmaster - Wayne Hall


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