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May 3rd-11th


This three-man play takes place on the isolated terrace of a French military hospital in 1959 where World War I veterans Gustave, Philippe, and Henri are spending the twilight of their lives. The trio passes each day in never-ending rounds of bickering, grousing about the staff (especially the 5-foot-tall Sister Marguerite, whom, rumor has it, harbours homicidal thoughts toward the patients), fantasizing about comely women and dreaming of escape.


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Gustave - Joel Rahn
Phillipe - Len Trembley
Henri - Dirk Visbach

Director - Andre Dimitrijevic
Assistant Producer - Judy Beltzner
Producer - Sophie Hall
Production Assistant - Art King
Stage Manager - Judy Beltzner
Assistant Director - Judy Beltzner
Executive Producer - Klaus Beltzner
Lighting - John Barnard
Sound - David Speck
Set Design & Construction - Len Trembley
Set Decoration & Properties - Elaine Trembley
Makeup - Lise Page
Front of House - Anne Peterson
Box Office - Wayne Hall
PR/Media - Andrea Jermacans
Advertising - Klaus Beltzner
Programme - Paula Maloney
Photography - Gord Hawkes
Webmaster - Davis Jermacans


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