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Holiday Snap

May 3rd-11th


"Holiday Snap" is a tale of comic predicament and mistaken identity which unfolds with wit and style. A Portuguese time-share villa has been double-booked, unknown to the property manager, the myopic tippler Chitta Chittenden. When Mary and Henry arrive shortly after Eve and Leslie, Chitta manages to remain unaware that there is more than one couple on the scene.
The confusion is compounded when each couple mistakes the other for the servants. Henry seems to have the upper hand as he discovers that Eve is married, but not to Leslie, when his mother-in-law arrives and he has to bribe the other couple to impersonate his alibi, Sir Piers and Lady Marchbanks.
Henry's girlfriend, Mary, has to play the servant, much to her annoyance but it looks as though things might work out until the real Sir Piers arrives, followed by Henry's wife. However, the final hilarious disguises donned by Mary, Perky, Eve and Leslie might just save the day!


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Chitta Chittenden - Regina Spearns
Leslie Smith - Whitney Quail
Eve Smith - Meaghan Hawkes
Henry Charlesworth - Gord Hawkes
Mary Charlesworth - Laurie Batstone
Celia Partridge - Larissa Christensen
Sir Piers 'Perky' Marchbanks - Stephen Comtois
Catherine Charlesworth - Sara Anderson

Director - Valentina Cesaratto
Producer - Krista Batstone
Set Drafting - Rick Sidock
Set Decor - Laurie Batstone , Krista Batstone , Sharlene Dubois , Jacqueline Duck , Christina Dunn , Annemarie Larocque , Mary Leang
Props - Krista Batstone , Annemarie Larocque , Alana Weedmark
Sound & Lights - Rick Larocque
Makeup - Lise Page , Amanda Cava , Alex Cava
Hair - Cathy Rock
Programme - Colleen Ovens , Krista Batstone
Promotion - Gord Hawkes , Debby Hawkes , Mary Leang
Photography - Gord Hawkes
Tickets - Jocelyn Sutherland , Mary Leang
Prompter - Sara Anderson


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