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House on the Cliff

Nov 2nd-5th


Ellen Clayton, the lovely young heiress of the Clayton estate, has been confined to a wheelchair since the evening her father, a passenger in the car she was driving, was killed. She resides at the Clayton summer home with her cooly beautiful stepmother Karen and their austere housekeeper Jenny.

Into their midst arrives Nurse Pepper, cheerful, curious, and with a desire to put things in order. Also new to the scene is a substitute doctor, Corey Phillips, who sees no reason why Ellen shouldn't walk again - soon.


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Doctor Lane - Ross Batstone
Karen Clayton - Linda Feenstra
Ellen Clayton - Colleen Sheahan
Jenny - Eve Spraggs
Miss Pepper - Helen Jasper
Corey Phillips - Eric Mortimer

Producer - Peter Kelly
Director - Ev Ryder
Assistant Director - Sadie Maguire
Lighting - Bev Ryder
Sound Design - Bruce Penniston
Set Construction - Bev Ryder
Set Design - Karen Champion , Bev Ryder
Stage Manager - Margaret Penniston
Makeup - Patsy Royer
Programme - Janet Donaldson , Tracey Blanchfield , Pamela Branson , Karen Champion
Tickets - Edie Batstone
Front of House - Peter Kelly , Ev Ryder
Advertising - Peter Kelly , Ross Batstone , Bev Ryder , Pat Maguire


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