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It Runs in the Family

Nov 5th-13th


Set in a hospital, everyone is mistaken for someone else. Dr. Mortimore tries to fend off a paternity suit, an ex-lover, a punkish daughter, a domineering Head Nurse, and various other lunatics. Laughs abound as doors slam, and people enter & exit at a furious pace, keeping everyone guessing the outcome until the very end........


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Michael Connolly Gord Hawkes
David Mortimore Whitney Quail
Hubert Bonney Seamus O'Brien
Rosemary Mortimore Anne Quinn
Jane Tate Janice Jenness
Leslie Tate Amy Quinn
Matron Emily Worden Kwok
Sir Willoughby Drake Brian Peterson
Sergeant Connolly Matt Easterbrook
Bill Leslie Rick Sidock
Mother Bonney/Sister Anik Dalby

Producer Krista Lang , Gord Hawkes
Director Gord Hawkes
Set Design Rick Sidock , Michele Kipp
Sound & Lights Rick Larocque
Set Construction Gord Hawkes , Rob Jenness , Joe Micucci
Programme Paula Maloney
Prompter Linda Thomas-Fisher
Greeter Krista Lang
Box Office Debby Hawkes
Patrons Judy Carey
Makeup Lise Page


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