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Lo and Behold!

Nov 2nd-10th


"Lo and Behold" is a funny story of a Pulitzer Prize winning author who has a plan to finally be at peace in his own home in his afterlife. Instead of the solitude he had expected to find, he discovers his house is occupied by other spirits, a Native Indian girl, a Southern belle and a frustrated composer, each with a tale of their own to tell. In the meantime, back in the real world, his cook is mistaken for his illegitimate daughter and thus, heir to his fortune, while a romance buds between her and the executor of the will.


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Milo Alcott - Whitney Quail
Mr. Wingate - Brian Peterson
Daisy Durdle - Anne Quinn
Dr. Bob Dorsey - Garnet Quail
Minnietonka Smallflower - Patti Stevens
Kendra Moore - Megan Prevost
Honeychile Wainwright - Lucyanne Greenman
Jack McDougal - Stephen Comtois

Producer - Mary Leang
Director - Garnet Quail , Regina Spearns
Set Planning - Rick Sidock
Set Construction - Stephen Comtois
Set Decor - Sara Anderson , Regina Spearns , Mary Leang
Props - Carol Black , Larry Black , Amanda Goth
Stage Manager - Carol Black , Regina Spearns
Sound & Lights - Sara Anderson
Program - Gord Hawkes , Debby Hawkes
Promotion - Carol Black , Ruth Cowden , Mary Leang , Jocelyn Sutherland
Publicity - Debby Hawkes
Photography - Gord Hawkes
Tickets - Jocelyn Sutherland , Mary Leang
Patrons - Mary Leang


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