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Move Over Mrs. Markham

May 2nd-10th


Philip has been asked by his business partner, Henry if he can borrow the flat for the evening to entertain his latest girlfriend while at the same time, Joanna is being persuaded by her friend Linda to let her borrow the flat in order to entertain her lover. What nobody knows is that their interior designer has decided that this is the night that he and the au pair girl will try out the new oval bed. When the Markham's evening out is cancelled, it is too late to let any of the parties know. Throw in the arrival of Olive Harriet Smythe, a straightlaced authoress of children's books plus the frantic effors to hide the amorous goings-on and ....


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Joanna Markham - Janice Jenness
Philip Markham - Gord Hawkes
Alistair - Rick Ventrella
Henry Lodge - Matt Easterbrook
Linda Lodge - Janice Marks
Olive Harriet Smythe - Glenna Walkden
Sylvie Hauser - Michelle Stewart
Miss Wilkinson - Katrina Bussey
Walter Pangbourne - Whitney Quail

Producer - Janice Jenness
Director - Sophie Hall
Assistant Director - Whitney Quail
Set Design - Sophie Hall
Sound & Lights - Kris Van de Ven
Props & Costumes - Janice Jenness , Sophie Hall , Imelda Vassallo
Programme - Paula Maloney , Don Piché
Front of House - Debby Hawkes
Advertising - Rich Fisher
Box Office - Rob Jenness
Patrons - Judy Carey
Photography - Debby Hawkes , Meaghan Hawkes


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