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My Darling Judith

Nov 3rd-6th


My Darling Judith tells the story of a husband (Davis Jermacans) who has grown tired of his eccentric wife (Judy Beltzner). He contrives to unload her on one of his employees (Bill Steele) so he can start a new life with his sexy young mistress (Andrea McCleary). As marriages crumble, affairs flounder, and new friendships form, the relationships between the four characters are bound to ring familiar to the audience.
"The humour in Judith is good for all ages and people of any marital status" says Director John Orton. "No matter where you are in life, you'll get it. The audience gets both the man's point of view and the woman's and it's a laugh a minute."


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Carl Newhouse - Bill Steele
David Stafford - Davis Jermacans
Judith Stafford - Judy Beltzner
Anna Miles - Andrea McCleary

Producer - Klaus Beltzner , Lynn Jolicoeur
Director - John Orton
Assistant Director - Lynn Jolicoeur
Stage Manager - Suzanne Steele
Rehearsal Assistant - Caroline Hart
Sound & Lights - John Barnard
Set Design - Christine Hunter , John Orton , Bill Steele
Set Construction - Klaus Beltzner , Robert Fournier , Davis Jermacans , Lynn Jolicoeur , John Orton , Bill Steele , Len Trembley
Set Decoration & Properties - Elaine Trembley
Makeup - Lise Page
Photography - Gord Hawkes
Publicity - Andrea Jermacans
Programme - Paula Maloney
Box Office - Judy Carey
Front of House - Lynn Jolicoeur


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