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Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii

April 24th-May 3rd


Romance writer Vivien Bliss intends a romantic weekend with the lacklustre Edgar
Chisholm at his home in Rockcliffe Park. Unfortunately for the lovers, Edgar's wife, Doris,
a well-known advice columnist, decides to skip a conference and stay home, surprising
them both. Then the real chaos ensues as Doris tries to rescue her respectability amidst
the prying of an eager reporter, a series of unannounced entrances by old lovers and
unwanted children and the antics of an unruly editor out for Vivien's blood. Throughout,
the irrepressible Vivien manages the mayhem by narrating her tropical tale, Nurse Jane
Goes to Hawaii. Imagination conquers chaos - a perfect ending for Allan Stratton's
entertaining farce.


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Doris Chisholm - Jane Brownrigg
Edgar Chisholm - Len Trembley
Vivien Bliss - Andrea Jermacans
Bill Scant - Tim Thibeault
Peggy Scant - Liz Szucs
Peter Prior - Ian Bell
Betty Scant - Kerrie Whitehurst

Director - Brian Kennedy
Producer - Sheila Dubyk
Promotion - Sheila Dubyk
Executive Producer - Judy Beltzner
Promotion Assistant - Myra McFarlane
Stage Manager/Props - Elaine Trembley
Sound & Lights Coordinator - John Barnard
Sound & Lights - Bryan Hamilton
Set Design - Len Trembley
Set Decoration - Anne Peterson , Catherine Potts-Halpin
Costumes - Helen Visbach
Front of House Manager - Maureen Kennedy
Front of House - Usha Kuchela , Anna Borris
Advertising - Klaus Beltzner
Programme - Paula Maloney
Photography - Michelle Stewart
Box Office - Wayne Hall
Set Construction - Bill Bartlett , Wally Dubyk , Davis Jermacans , Dirk Visbach
Front of House Volunteers - Louise Anderson , Sharon Barnard , Judy Carey , Richard Craig , Rich Fisher , Sophie Hall , Debby Hawkes , Davis Jermacans , Liz Kauffmann , Krista Lang , Yvette Loeffen , Gayle Mohan , Allana Nicholas-barnett , Kae Schade , Linda Thomas-Fisher , Pat Williams


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