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Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii 1993

May 6th-15th


When Vivien Bliss, author of Harlequin romance novels, set out to spend a romantic weekend with respectably married school teacher Edgar Chisholm, she start a train of events which involves all the classic elements of farce - confused identities, disguise, long-lost relatives, ambushes, chases and glorious mayhem.

How Vivien gets her new novel finished in the face of, behind the back of, in spite of, and with the help of an advice columnist, a nosy reporter, a doctor in pantyhose, an orphan with a cake and "Helga, the evil Russian physicist", is the hilarious story of "Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii".


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Doris Chisholm - Meredith Brophy
Edgar Chisholm - Jeff Clarke
Vivien Bliss - Laura Hutchins
Bill Scant - Howard Jones
Peggy Scant - Angela Hovdestad
Peter Prior - Kevin Mulrooney
Betty Scant - Yvette Venditti

Producer - Linda Feenstra , Paul Warmington
Director - Bob Papp , Susan Papp
Set Design & Construction - Ivan Jeacle
Set Decoration & Properties - Linda Feenstra
Sound & Lights - John Lydon
Properties - Sadie Maguire
Makeup - Eve Spraggs , Reen Pacholik
Programme and Photography - Sue Knippel-Potvin
Photography - Bruce Penniston
Patrons - Ross Batstone
Tickets - Edie Batstone
Front of House - Paul Warmington


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