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Office Hours

Nov 3rd-11th


It's a Friday afternoon in the big city and in six different offices, six different stories are unfolding at the same time. However, they are all connected somehow, from the figure skater on the ledge to the novelist in the closet. A madcap race towards quitting time.


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Warren Kimble - Tony Adams
Bobby Holland - Tony Adams
Lloyd Penny - Tony Adams
Francine Majors - Maggie Badior-Pelletier
The Man - Bob Day
Pam Gerard - Sophie Hall
Ellie Young - Sophie Hall
Sharon Freeman - Sophie Hall
Neil Penny - Brian Peterson
One-armed Man - Rick Sidock
Richard Penny - Rick Sidock
Stan Thurber - Rick Sidock
Gordon Blaine - Len Trembley
Mark Young - Len Trembley
Artie Barns - Len Trembley
Rhonda Penny - Glenna Walkden

Producer - Anik Dalby , Krista Lang
Director - John Orton
Set Design - Len Trembley , Elaine Trembley
Sound & Lights - James Wainright
Props - Elaine Trembley
Programme - Paula Maloney
Photography - Michelle Stewart
Front of House - Krista Lang , Paula Maloney
Box Office - Krista Lang , David Lang
Advertising - Anik Dalby , Whitney Quail
Patrons - Judy Carey


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