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Once is Enough

Apr 26th-May 5th


When a world-renowned author and her secretary discovered a plot for a new book "in the cards", they had no idea what they were getting into. The card system produced a plan they would follow, but several unexpected visitors cause their plan to backfire -- or do they?

Sound confusing? "Once is Enough" is a romantic comedy that is built on lust, lies, deceit and confusion. Who ever thought dishonesty could be so much fun?


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Erika Linden - Janet Donaldson
Jessie Jarvis - Linda Murphy
Brian Merrick - Peter Cleland
Max Nordstrom - Bob Papp

Producer - Bev Ryder
Director - Ron Watkin
Production Manager - Joan Switzer
Set Designer - Ron Watkin
Set Construction - Bev Ryder , Mark Switzer , Eric Mortimer
Lighting - Bev Ryder , Linda Feenstra
Sound - Bruce Penniston , Peter Kelly
Properties - Joan Switzer
Costumes - Linda Feenstra
Program - Tracey Blanchfield , Pam Branson , Bev Ryder , Ross Batstone
Advertising - Bev Ryder , Ross Batstone
Publicity - Eve Spraggs
Front of House - Helen Jasper
Tickets - Kelly Switzer


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