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Perfect Wedding

May 4th-12th


The Wedding day of Bill is anything but perfect. Waking late in the wrong hotel room after a booze-fest of a bachelor party, Bill finds himself lying next to a young woman he doesn't recognize - and this just go downhill from there. In addition to beginning his wedding day hung over and with the wrong femaile and in the wrong place, he also has a determined fiancee to contend with, her momma-zilla mother, his joker of a best friend and a judgmental hotel maid...


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Bill - Whitney Quail
Tom - Seamus O'Brien
Rachel - Meaghan Hawkes
Judy - Katrina Bussey
Julie - Sophie Hall
Daphne - Janice Jenness

Producer - Janice Jenness
Director - Gord Hawkes
Set Design - Len Trembley
Sound & Lights - James Wainright
Makeup - Anne Peterson , Lise Page , Eve Spraggs
Set Construction - Gord Hawkes , Len Trembley , Rob Jenness
Prompter - Linda Thomas-Fisher
Programme - Paula Maloney
Front of House - Catherine Jenness
Advertising - Rich Fisher
Box Office - Rob Jenness
Photography - John Lydon
Patrons - Judy Carey


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