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May 6th-15th


Set in present day New York City at the home of Charlie Brock, the deputy mayor of New York. He and his wife Myra are having a dinner party to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. They have invited eight of their closest friends to share in the celebrations. Ken and Chris Gorman, the first couple to arrive discover that Charlie has been injured, but is still alive. Myra is gone, and all the servants are missing. No party preparations have been made. Other guests will soon be arriving, so the Gormans must fabricate a story to explain the missing wife and servants and the injured host. They unsuccessfully try to hide the truth from the second couple, who then try to hide it from the third couple and so on, until eventually the police arrive and the bickering eightsome have to present a united front to save their own skins. Doors slam and hilarity abounds as the couples get more and more crazed trying to sort things out. Rumors debuted on Broadway in 1988.


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Chris Gorman - Larissa Christensen
Ken Gorman - Len Trembley
Claire Ganz - Amy Quinn
Lenny Ganz - Matt Easterbrook
Ernie Cusack - John Orton
Cookie Cusack - Helen Jasper
Glenn Cooper - Tom Assaly
Cassie Cooper - Anik Dalby
Officer Welch - Rob Jenness
Officer Pudney - Teddy Assaly
Voice of Myra Brock - Paula Maloney

Producer - David Lang , Krista Lang
Director - Ron Watkin
Set Design - Rick Sidock
Set Construction - Rick Sidock , Len Quinn , Gord Hawkes , Rob Jenness
Stage Manager - Paula Maloney
Sound & Lights - David Lang
Prompter - Linda Thomas-Fisher
Makeup - Lise Page , Eve Spraggs
Props - Renee Devenny , Janice Jenness
Programme - Paula Maloney
Front of House - Janice Jenness
Advertising - Renee Devenny , Gord Hawkes , David Lang , Krista Lang
Box Office - Debby Hawkes
Tickets at Door - Louise Anderson
Patrons - Judy Carey
Art - Krista Lang
Photography - Michelle Stewart , Gord Hawkes


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