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Run For Your Wife

May 1st-17th


The British farce centres on cabbie John Smith, who has two flats and two wives in separate parts of London. Neither wife knows about the other; when one wife thinks he is driving the taxi, he is really with the other wife.

This arrangement works until the day he helps an old lady escape muggers and sustains a beating for his efforst. Can John keep up the charade. Will he get caught?


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Stanley Gardner Whitney Quail
Barbara Smith Janice Marks
Det Sgt. Troughton Regina Spearns
Sgt. Porterhouse John Lydon
Bobby Franklyn Steve Campbell
Newspaper Guy Mitchell Oberlin

Producer Krista Batstone , Whitney Quail
Set Construction Len Quinn
Set Decor Michele Kipp
Sound & Lights Alana Weedmark , Mitchell Oberlin
Props Patti Stevens , Krista Batstone
Prompter Eve Spraggs
Hair & Makeup Lise Page , Eve Spraggs
Promotion Gord Hawkes , Debby Hawkes , Krista Batstone , Whitney Quail
Tickets Krista Batstone
Patrons Krista Batstone


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