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Said the Spider to the Spy

May 7th-15th


Who wouldn't like a free stay at a friend's Florida beach house? And why not take a vacation from being your mundane, boring old self while you were at it? This was Augusta (Gussie) Waycross' plan when she left New York for Florida to get some sun and enjoy playing the part of a glamourous romance writer. But going from 0 to 3 husbands wasn't in her plan. Neither was running a B&B, hunting drug lords and secreting away several kilos of illicit narcotics! Join Gussie on her extremely confusing, sometimes dangerous and always hilarious voyage of self - and other - discovery.


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Dexter Addison - Bernard Lewandowski
Man - Jeremiah Orlewicz
Ruth St. Martin - Jennifer Roquebrune
Byron Peters - Davis Jermacans
Ida Gormley - Andrea Jermacans
Julia Sibley - Lisa Moore
Augusta Waycross - Janice Marks
Manfred Sibley - Tracy Howe
Adel Addison - Larissa Christensen

Producer - Judy Carey , Andrea Jermacans
Director Gaenor Howe
Set Design - Gaenor Howe
Set Decoration - Catherine Jenness , Kait Moore , Nikki Moore , Aaron Moore , Gaenor Howe , Lynn Jolicoeur
Prompter - Linda Thomas-Fisher , Janice Jenness
Sound & Lights - Bill Paul , John Barnard
Advertising - Rich Fisher
Programme - Paula Maloney


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