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See How They Run

May 2nd-10th


The play is set in the Vicarage of Merton-Cum-Middlewick, in a village in southern England during the closing years of the 1940's, a time when Britain was liberally populated by American military bases and the Iron Curtain had recently been dropped on eastern Europe, shrouding the expanded USSR and all communists with suspicion. The vicarage is occupied by the Rev. Lionel Toop and his relatively recent bride, Penelope. The couple had know each other as small children, but Penelope had moved to and grown up in the USA, where she had become an actress prior to re-meeting and marrying Lionel. Life can get complicated when the best laid social plans have to accommodate unexpected vistitors. How best to handle such situations?


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Ida - Deborah Smith
Miss Skillon - Debra Bee
The Reverend Lionel Toop - Garnet Quail
Penelope Toop - Janet Savage
Corporal Clive Winton - Whitney Quail
The Intruder - Wayne Katsikaris
The Bishop of Lax - Isobel Eastman
The Reverend Arthur Humphrey - Laurie Batstone
Sergeant Towers - Ron Watkin

Producer - John Lydon
Director - Ron Watkin
Stage Manager - Eve Spraggs
Set Design - Rick Sidock , Dorothy Shaw
Set Construction - Rick Sidock
Set Decoration & Properties - Dorothy Shaw , Krista Batstone
Prompter - Joan Switzer
Properties - Joan Switzer
Costumes - Joan Switzer
Sound & Lights - Sandy Donaldson
Makeup - Maggie Smith
Program - John Lydon
Photography - John Lydon , Garnet Quail
Publicity - Meredith Brophy
Tickets - JoeAnne Legge
Patrons - Janet Savage
Front of House - Sadie Maguire , Pat Fox
Art - Krista Batstone


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