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November 19th - 28th


Cindy and Hal Savage (former second-rate actors) have built an empire peddling questionable advice about love, sex, romance, and success. With nowhere to go but down, the ambitious couple will go to any lengths to protect their fame, fortune, and reputation. But now there's a stiff in the study, a reporter looking for dirt in the hall and a maid with Irish attitude cooking up pots of creamed corn in the kitchen. What's a pair of flawed self-help gurus to do?


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Cindy - Shauna Akkermans
Hal - Greg Geisler
Bernice - Rachel Slevin
Ruby - Cathy Dowsett (Understudy: Ann Empey)
Det. Snow - Harold Swaffield
Jeremy - Dennis Sakalauskas

Director - Harold Swaffield
Stage Manager - Ronald Gardner
Executive Producer - Helen Visbach
Assistant Producer - Jorie Basque
Sound and Lights - John Barnard
Bryan Hamilton - Props
Helen Visbach - Props
Jorie & Keira Basque - Props
Tammy Murray - Props
Set Design and Construction - Catherine Potts-Halpin
Set Decoration - Catherine Potts-Halpin
Wardrobe - Barbara Stiles
Front of House - Janice Marx
Box Office - Wayne Hall
Webmaster - Suzy Potts
PR / Media - Sheila Dubyk
Sponsorships - Jorie Basque
Louise Lagacé - Programs
Michelle Stewart - Programs
Photographer - Michelle Stewart
Videographer - Paul Richmond


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