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Shorthanded A Ladies Game

Oct 20th-29th


It's the dressing room of an old-timer women's hockey team, during the final game of the championship series. The team finds itself shorthanded for the game, leading to some tension, some teasing, some tenderness - and much beer!


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Pads - Christine Erdos O'Malley
Sparks - Cheryl Zimmer
Fitzy - Janice Marks
Awol - Sophie Hall
Weller - Andree-Cybele Bilinski
Suds - Anne Peterson
Ender - Liz Szucs
Rookie/Candy - Pam Masey

Director - Sheila Dubyk
Assistant Director - Helen Visbach
Stage Manager - Helen Visbach
Executive Producer - Judy Beltzner
Co-producer - Louise Lagace
Lighting - Bryan Hamilton
Sound - Sean O'Malley
Props - Elaine Trembley , Louise Lagace
Set Designer - Len Trembley
Set Construction - Len Trembley , Wayne Hall , Catherine Potts-Halpin
Set Decoration - Catherine Potts-Halpin , Heidi Martin
Wardrobe - Helen Visbach , Cathy Hamilton
Makeup - Sophie Hall
Box Office - Wayne Hall
Webmaster - Wayne Hall
PR/Media - Sheila Dubyk , Lorraine Hopkins
Sponsors - Klaus Beltzner , Judy Beltzner
Programme & Graphic Design - Michelle Stewart
Videography - John Garroch


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