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Nov 7th-15th


Jerry Sloan is a successful advertising jingle-writer married to an equally successful lawyer, Alice. Living with the happy couple is the not-so-happy Abe Dreyfus, a hilarious curmudgeon of a father-in- law. When Jerry's mother needs a place to stay the fireworks really start going off in one hilarious confrontation after the other.


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Abe Dreyfus - Len Trembley
Mildred Sloan - Janice Jenness
Jerry Sloan - Seamus O'Brien
Alice Sloan - Amy Quinn
Hector Lopez - Gord Hawkes
Sol Wasserman - Tony Adams
Mrs. Fisher - Janice Marks

Producer - Janice Jenness
Director - Sarah Hearn
Assistant Director - Mike Kennedy
Set Design - Sarah Hearn , Gord Hawkes
Set Construction - Gord Hawkes , Sarah Hearn , Rob Jenness , Len Trembley , Elaine Trembley , Janice Jenness
Set Decoration - Elaine Trembley , Sophie Hall , Anne Peterson , Janice Jenness , Linda Thomas-Fisher
Props - Elaine Trembley
Prompter - Linda Thomas-Fisher , Katrina Bussey , Mike Kennedy
Programme - Paula Maloney , Don Piché
Front of House - Debby Hawkes
Publicity - Janice Jenness , Katrina Bussey , Gord Hawkes , Debby Hawkes , Linda Thomas-Fisher
Advertising - Rich Fisher
Box Office - Rob Jenness
Patrons - Judy Carey
Photography - Debby Hawkes


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