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Staff Room

November 24 - December 3


“Staff Room” is an ensemble piece which allows 8 or more actors to portray 55 characters. The setting is a generic staff lounge populated by teachers, students, caretakers, secretaries, administrators and baffled parents, all of whom are struggling with human issues (love, divorce, scandal, gossip, discrimination) often with hilarity and sometimes with heartache. The play is about any workplace–this one just happens to be in a school.


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Tony Adams as Allan, Andy, Pete, Tom, Harold, Bruce
Andrée-Cybèle Bilinski as Alice, Mrs. Cyprios, Sally, Pat, Inga
Claire-Aimée Spencer as Janice, Miss Ames, Lucy, Sylvia, Lacey
Jake (Jacqueline) Blair as Sheila, Barb, Jan, Sharon
Jasmine Churchill as Brenda
Kristina Lang as J, Stuart/Sienna
Kim Blanche as Marge, Maxine, Pauline, Anne, Pam
Vivian Beck as Marg, Sue, Therese, Stella
Dave Lang as John, Bob, Henry, Marvin, Joe
David McIntyre as Ted, Mac, Jimmy, Paul, Emery, Dennis
Jason Churchill as Jim, Karl, Warren, Frank, Jeff, Jack
Dirk Visbach as Steve, Brownstone, Mr. Slodovonik, Rick, Jerry

Executive Producer – Helen Visbach
Producer – Louise Legacé
Assistant Producer – Sheila Dubyk
Director – André Dimitrijevic
Assistant Director/Stage Manager – Robin Churchill
Sound – Shawn Langille
Lights – Bryan Hamilton
Set Decoration – Anne Peterson, Helen Visbach
Set Properties – Regina Van Haren, Louise Legacé, Robin Churchill, Helen Visbach
Costumes – Suzanne Irving, Helen Visbach
Front of House – Jorie Basque
Bar Manager – Suzy Potts
Box Office – Shauna Akkermans
PR/Media – Shauna Akkermans
Sponsorships – Jorie Basque, Louise Legacé
Program – Michelle Stewart
Photography – Michelle Stewart
Webmaster – Suzy Potts

Moving, Set Construction and Painting
James Van Haren, Dirk Visbach, David McIntyre, Robin Churchill, Freddy Lang
Tyler Bilokur, Adam Spencer, Anne Paterson, Sheila Dubyk.


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