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Suburban Standoff

May 6 - May 15


A home invasion may be a terrifying thing to happen but in Suburban Standoff by Michael Grant, both the robbers and the victims find something good and honourable in each other.


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Hank - Len Trembley
Nancy - Paola Della Malva
Ty - Devon Tredinnick
Candy - Marjorie Desbiens-Poitras

Director - Liz Szucs
Stage Manager - Connor Ibach
Executive Producer - Helen Visbach
Assistant Producer - Sheila Dubyk
Sound and Lights - John Barnard
Sound and Lights - Bryan Hamilton
Props - Louise Legace
Props - Claire Poulin Brooks
Set Design and Construction - Catherine Potts-Halpin
Set Design and Construction - Shauna Akkermans
Set Decoration - Catherine Potts-Halpin
Wardrobe - Shauna Akkermans
Make-up - Shauna Akkermans
Box Office - Wayne Hall
Webmaster - Suzy Potts
PR / media - Sheila Dubyk
Sponsorships - Louise Legace
Sponsorships - Jorie Basque
Photographer - Michelle Stewart
Videographer - Paul Richmond


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