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Tempting Providence

Apr 26th-May 5th


Tempting Providence is a simple and often humorous tale that recounts the true story of nurse Myra Bennett who left her home in England in 1921 for Newfoundland to serve a community in great need on the remote Great Northern Peninsula. It follows the trials and joys of this courageous woman who became known as the Florence Nightingale of the North and a true Newfoundland legend.


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Myra - Karin Bergquist
Angus - Dave McIntyre
Man - Dirk Visbach
Woman - Darleen Hall-Barrett

Producer - Louise Lagace , Barbara Stiles
Director - Andre Dimitrijevic
Assistant Producer - Art King
Lighting - Bryan Hamilton
Sound - John Barnard
Stage Manager/Prompter - Myrna Ferris
Props - Louise Lagace
Set Design & Construction - Len Trembley
Set Decoration - Anne Peterson
Wardrobe - Barbara Stiles
Makeup - Sophie Hall
Front of House - Anne Peterson , Janice Marks
Box Office - Wayne Hall
PR/Media - Lindley Morrison , Sheila Dubyk
Sponsors - Louise Lagace
Posters/Programmes - Michelle Stewart
Photography - Michelle Stewart


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