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The Odd Couple (female version)

Nov 8th-16th


Anyone who has ever had roommate can relate to the conflict that forms the basis of Neil Simon"s female version of 'The Odd Couple'. Living with someone - whether best friend or a total stranger - will produce stress in even the closest of relationships. The minor tensions and major flare-ups between Olive Madison and Florence Unger run the gamut of what can go wrong when two people share the same space.


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Florence Unger - Anne Quinn
Olive Madison - Janice Marks
Vera - Isobel Eastman
Mickey the cop - Regina Spearns
Renee - Alana Weedmark
Sylvie - Larissa Christensen
Jesus Costazuela - Whitney Quail
Manolo Costazuela - Gord Hawkes

Director - Ron Watkin
Producer - Mary Leang
Set Construction - Len Quinn , Richard Lutz , Ron Solman
Set Decor - Mary Leang , Pete Tremblay , Patti Stevens , Chloe Stevens , Shawn Miner , Adrian Ronacher , Zachary Scharfe , Roger Scharfe
Sound & Lights - Stephen Comtois , Sara Anderson
Props - Linda Montabone
Prompter - Eve Spraggs , Janet Savage
Hair & Makeup - Eve Spraggs , Lise Page
Promotion - Gord Hawkes , Debby Hawkes , Mary Leang
Tickets - Mary Leang , Jocelyn Sutherland


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