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The Romanian Uranium Mystery



The suspicious death of two high-rolling European investors whose bodies were discovered at the outskirts of Manotick, the development of a uranium mine on the Digger family estate, the downfall of a former Queen of the Pom Pom, the recent arrests of a multimillionaire who made her fortune with her invention of the Rotary Nose Hair Trimmer, the attempt on the life of a beauty pageant contestant, the hiring of a shady waiter and delivery snafus - these all lead to a mystery which needs to be solved! Performed by ITR for the Manotick Kiwanis Club.


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Buffy Beaumont - Carey Smith
Juliet Redheart - Sophie Hall
Inspector Clueless - Dirk Visbach
Bea Zibody - Glenna Walkden
Goldy Digger - Greg Thurlow
Walter the Waiter - Klaus Beltzner
Dee Livery - Michelle Stewart
The Countess - Larissa Christensen
"J" - Judy Beltzner

Director - Andre Dimitrijevic
Producer - Judy Beltzner


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