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You Have New Relatives

November 3 2023 & March 23, 24 2024


Lisa has been very frustrated by the long search for her birth-family, particularly her birth-mother, with many setbacks and some heartbreak. Her long-time friend, Nikki, seems to offer support and affection but also appears to be undermining Lisa’s efforts. The reasons for Nikki’s behaviour play out in a series of conversations between the two. Interspersed with their scenes three possible birth mothers and one father tell their stories, one by one, and Lisa’s adoptive mother, Vivienne puts in her two cents worth.

You Have New Relatives was written by Mary Jane Maffini as part of ITR’s 2022 One Act Play Writing Workshop. ITR was proud to take it to the EODL One Act Play Festival in November 2023 where it won Best Production and Best Visual Presentation thanks to the hard work of our talented cast and crew.

In March of 2024 ITR brought back YHNR for one weekend for another round of performances.


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Jorie Basque - Lisa
Andrée-Cybèle Bilinski - Nikki
Tanja Puchala - Mothers 1, 2 and 3
Diana Fisher - Vivienne
Rob Milinkovich - Father

Producers - Jorie Basque, Sheila Dubyk
Director - Brian Kennedy
Stage Manager - Connor Ibach
Assistant Stage Manager - Dirk Visbach, Tyler Bilokur
Lights - Bryan Hamilton
Sound - Shawn Langille
Wardrobe - Helen Visbach
Make Up - Sophie Hall
Set Design - Anne Peterson
Set Decoration - Anne Peterson, Helen Visbach
Set Build - Catherine Potts- Halpin, Dirk Visbach, Tyler Bilokur, Rob Milinkovich, Nick Milinkovich
Props- - Anne Peterson, Helen Visbach, Sheila Dubyk
Front of House - Catherine Potts-Halpin, Krista Lang, John Shannon, Sheila Dubyk, David Lang
Poster/Program - Sophia Roth Jones
Promotion - Sheila Dubyk
Webmaster - Suzy Potts
Box Office Manager - Shauna Akkermans


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