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Helen Visbach



Acting Roles

Production Roles

Wardrobe - Death by Dénouement 2023
Executive Producer - Suburban Standoff 2022
Executive Producer - Self-Help 2021
Props - Self-Help 2021
Producer - Work From Home Blues 2021
Producer - A Virtual Whodunnit 2021
Producer - The Importance of Being Earnest 2019
Assistant Director, Wardrobe - Waiting for the Parade 2018
Co-Director - A Murder is Announced 2018
Assistant Director, Stage Manager, Wardrobe - Shorthanded A Ladies Game 2017
Producer - Lafferty's Wake 2017
Wardrobe - My Narrator 2016
Wardrobe - The Death of Me 2016
Wardrobe - Monday's Child 2016
Wardrobe - The Foreigner 2016
Wardrobe - On Golden Pond 2015
Costumes - Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii 2015
Wardrobe - Steel Magnolias 2014

I don't act! I got involved in theatre more than 30 years ago when my husband was acting in a play and the theatre company was in desperate need of somebody to dress the set – no experience needed. From the first minute that I attended the rehearsal, I was smitten. I love everything about theatre: the ups and downs; the drama behind the scenes; the nervous energy; the last minute costume repairs and watching how, under the guidance of the director, the actors transform from a group of individuals into a cohesive group who have grown into their characters. Over the years, I have done many behind the scenes jobs but the one I love most is producing. It is so much fun to start with a script and a director and then to gather all the people who are needed to make a play a success. There are so many people and tasks that have to be coordinated in such a way that all the pieces of the puzzle must come together to present a polished and high quality play. There is a glow of satisfaction to watch the play on opening night and a real joy in celebrating everyone's success at the cast and crew party when it is all over.

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