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Meredith Gilbert-Brophy

Acting, Production


Acting Roles

Cecily Pigeon The Odd Couple 1995
Phyllis Montague Play On! 1995
Lady Alice Miller Breath of Spring 1994
Doris Chisholm Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii 1993
Judith Boeing - Boeing 1991
Felicity Fair Caught in the Villain's Web 1991

Production Roles

Props & Costumes Lend Me a Tenor 2003
Patrons Late Flowering 2001
Tickets, Patrons Exit Who? 2000
Patrons Honestly, Now! 1999
Patrons Don't Tell Mother 1999
Patrons The Curious Savage 1998
Tickets Blithe Spirit 1997
Publicity See How They Run 1997
Assistant Producer, Publicity Arsenic And Old Lace 1996
Publicity The Odd Couple 1995
Publicity, Program Play On! 1995
Program, Advertising, Patrons Murder On The ReRun 1994
Producer Plaza Suite 1993
Properties, Publicity The Murder Room 1992

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